Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Cyrkle - Red Rubber Ball [1966 - USA]

Great sing-along folk rock. Cyrkle were a two-hit wonder back in the 60s. Both of those hits, "Red Rubber Ball" and "Turn-down Day" are on this album. Thes One of The People Under the Stairs makes great use of "Turn-Down Day" by isolating the vocals on the left channel and echoing the loop for his track "The Turndown" off The Next Step.



David said...

You never cared
for secrets I could find
for you I'm just an ornament, something for your pride.
Now I know you're not the only
starfish in the sea if I never hear your name again its all the same to me
Well I think its gonna be all right
Yes, the worst is over now the morning sun is shining likc a
Red Rubber Ball
Always run and never care and thats the life you live
If I never hear your name again its all the same to me....
What a great song written by Rhymin' Paul Simon when he worked in the Brill Building pre-Garfunkel. I remember this song from camp and particularly the pipe organ parts and harmony.

Clark said...

Thanks for being the first comment on my blog Dave. I never actually really paid attention to the lyrics of that song. It's interesting to notice how they're actually pretty sad and deep for such a happy up-beat song.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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