Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Clark & Jay [2006 - USA]

My and Jay's debut album. We got started on this project our senior year in high school and continued to work on it up until our junior year in college. We lived in separate cities- at times separate countries, so we mainly collaborated via the internet. I decided to head off to Chile to study in the Fall of 06 so we decided to finally bring it to an end and release it. I'm proud of our final product, and I hope you enjoy it.



julie said...

dude thanks for download... but just to let you know when I import them into itunes they are labled "Hillbilly Fever, Vol. 4: Legends of the West Coast"

Clark said...

I know isnt that funny? I guess the track lengths match up perfectly with that Hillbilly album. I kindda like that though. haha.