Friday, April 24, 2009

39.4 [1972 - Mexico]

If James Brown, Blood Sweat and Tears, and the Doors moved to Mexico and formed a band they might have sounded a little like 39.4. I discovered this gem off of one of my favorite music blogs Hippy DJ-kit a couple years ago; far before I even considered moving to Mexico. Coincidentally, I now live in Guadalajara- 39.4's hometown. Perhaps, discovering this great band had a little subconscious influence on me. But even down here in Mexico, I'll never be able to hear them in person. 39.4 is one of the many yet now forgotten rock bands that began sprouting up all over Mexico in the 70s. This is their one and only LP before breaking up in 1976 and forming Bandido.



Anonymous said...

Many thanks for all your efforts. I for one really appreciate them.

Carlos Lozano said...

39.4 is still rockin´the town. we´re going to play a free concert next sunday 14, Aug. 6pm at plaza Andares here in Guadalajara... be there!
Me the drummer.