Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shadow Music of Thailand

To celebrate my upcoming trip to Thailand, here's an interesting compilation of Thailand's very own Shadow music. Shadow Music, named after the popular British instrumental group The Shadows, is the name given to a brief musical happening that occured in Southeast Asia in the 50s and 60s- primarily in Bangkok. Like the Shadows, Shadow music is dominantly instrumental, however it's a cool combination of south Asian and western musical elements. Check it out.



The Basement Rug said...

This looks cool. Looking forward to it. I have some Japanese surf that I hope to upload to The Basement Rug. BTW - how do you like the file hosting at

Clark said... is the best. I recommend it!

khunbaobao said...

Thank you for this - you have an interesting blog.

I usually come home with a stack of CDs each trip to Thailand, and it's always a dice shoot buying traditional or popular music there. Even the recommendations from friends don't always pay off, but that's what keeps the world spinning forward, I suppose!

I hope you had a wonderful trip to Thailand, and if you want to dip back into the culture and people's lives there I have over 400 posts and more than 1,000 photos on my blog.