Tuesday, June 8, 2010

And Then...Along Comes The Association [1966 - USA]

My pops made a deal with me that he'd give me a big box of his LPs as long as I convert four of his favorite records into CDs. So, I'm going to put them up here over the next week or so. Here's the first of them.

From the liner notes:
Some people think musicians are weird, and many would think The Association weird.
...But then it's the creative people who keep the world from being one gigantic Dow Jones average...people like The Association who are really adding something worthwhile to today's music scene.
The Association has been called the first "show-rock" group around today- which means they can play bluer than The Rolling Stones: harder hard-rock than The Raiders, and put more folk into folk music than the Kingston Trio- and they still come out with their own unique sound...
- Phyllis Burgess, Entertainment Editor, 'TEEN Magazine


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Martial Monk said...

A big thank you to you and your pops. Never heard this before but I liked it. Super mellow and great for work and for a good scotch! Thanks!