Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gabriel Soriano - The Love Juice Sessions [2008 - USA]

In a perfect world, Gabe, along with many other hardworking musician friends of mine would be full-time professional rock stars. I had the pleasure/curse of meeting this guy back in freshman year of college at Chico State and eventually rooming with him our sophomore year until he dropped out for what he calls "The School Of Rock" aka vagrancy. Not only is Gabe one of the most hardworking musicians I know, he is also one of the most talented. Gabe plays bass, guitar, piano, drums, percussion, and can figure any other instrument out once he gets his hands on it. On all three of Gabe's albums he writes the songs, sings them, and plays all the instruments. He truly is a one-man band. On stage, Gabe plays with a nifty device called a Loop Station that allows him to play each instruments one at a time and progressively layer them to give the effect of an entire band playing. Although still unsigned, Gabe has accomplished a lot on his own. He has self-funded 3 albums and 5 tours all in the past 4 years. He's also generated a small fan base through shows and MySpace. How does he do this without the aid of wealthy parents or sponsors? Shitty jobs. Gabe works at fast food restaurants for about 9 months out of the year and saves up, then uses that money to record, promote, and tour. On tour, he actually manages to make enough money on tips to get to his next destination and pay for the essentials: food, beer, and pot. He doesn't have to worry about lodging in his budget since he sleeps in his van.

Currently, Gabe is living in Santa Barbara, California- doing his own thing as well as playing in a pretty dope group called Wrong Again. Catch him live by checking his MySpace for upcoming shows or go harass him at Quiznos.

Here's his latest album The Love Juice Sessions.


Gabriel Soriano said...

Clark, Thanks so much dude! I really appreciate the write up man. I'm super sorry I couldn't come out to your party. It was a hella crazy weekend dealing with some shit. But I am recording my full length starting next week for 9 days!!! Come down and film it!!! Talk to you soon man and thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy you albums?

Clark said...

You mean Gabe's albums? You can find them on iTunes.