Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Israel Song Festival 1974

Israeli pop in the Dominican Republic?!

Definitely a dusty and random dig. I had to remove a layer of crud off the surface, I'm sure it hasn't been played since it washed up on the Caribbean shores. I was told there were no longer LPs in the Dominican Republic, but after a long hot wild goose chase around the capital I struck gold:
Whenever I find a "Song Festival" record, I usually pick it up, especially the Italian ones (San Remo); there's usually good stuff on them. This Israeli one is a first for me, and it was a pleasant surprise. The music strays from epic pop reminiscent of golden era Hollwood film scores- grand string and horn arrangements, to downright dark and funky. An interesting listen.

1. Ilanit - Im Yipol Hakochav Sheli
2. Igal Bashan - Yih'Yeh Pa'Am Tov
3. Ilana Rovina - Na'ari
4. Ha'achim Veha'achayot - Ahava Rishona
5. Nethanela - Shir Hayonah
6. Boaz Sharabi - Lif'amim Ani Margish She'ani Tzarich Knafayim

1. Shlomo Artzi and Mrs Apple Group - Haballada Al Baruch Jamili
2. Michal Tal - Lo Avater
3. Mathi Caspi and Shokolad Menta Mastik - Noah
4. Dorith Reuveni - Leilo Shel Eliahu Hanavi
5. Shlishiat Haneshamot Hatehorot - Shna'im
6. Silvan and Yair - Shir Le'aba Ve'ima

Orchestra conducted by Itzhak Graziani
ripped at 320


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Thanks a lot, Sourdough!

I was looking for this! Couldn't find the Boaz Sharabi tune.