Tuesday, March 2, 2010

El Congreso [1971 - Chile]

I love finding new Chilean music, especially nueva canción. Thanks again to Hippy-DJkit for posting this. This is one of those albums I was immediatley blown away by the second I popped it in my stereo. True to nueva canción, El congreso fuses ethnic Chilean music with electric western styles, utilizing both cultures' instruments. Among them, my favorite is the zampoña (pan flutes). One thing I noticed about this album, is that it's the only nueva canción group I've heard that switch between playing the zampoña in an Andean and western jazz style, whereas other groups tend to stick to playing them just in the traditional Andean way. Their mastery of both culture's instruments allow them to seamlessly maneuver from the spiritual sounds of their people to funky flavors of today. The opening track is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. I hope you like it!


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bose said...

by the way Congreso is not Nueva Canción Chilena.
They are part of a substantially different musical movement, more psichodelic or hippie.