Thursday, December 10, 2009

Does Life Have Any Meaning?

From a church pamphlet:

Does life make any sense? For many people, it means only a slow death, agony that never ends. To be born, to suffer, to have hearts betrayed and broken, to labour simply to find food and shelter, then for it to disappear...Does life really have any meaning? We must never doubt!

Life, especially human life, knows its seasons. The gloom of autumn and the cold of winter are replaced with the living spring and an enchanted summer. Even though there is often rain and even hail in life, there are also rays of sunshine.

However, the highs that alternate with the lows, the return of health after an illness, prosperity, or the happiness of loves ones, these are not the true reasons that give my life meaning. I uncover the true sense in life by the power of my faith.

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